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Double VibeDrum

Double VibeDrum Highlights:


*18 Notes - 2 Scales Nine notes per side on two sides each side in a different scale. It’s like having 2 drums in 1.

*Tuning Each and Every Vibedrum is Hand Tuned to Concert/Symphonic Tuning Standards and Sound Tested before we say Goodbye to it.

*13 Gauge Stainless Steel: On the playing heads which improves resonance, tuning longevity and overall durability over the thinner 14 gauge used to make other drums of this type. You also do not need to worry about rust forming on the inside of the drum or traces of lead in the steel

*Painting:    The drum is double “Powder Coated” with a new exotic color that changes with the light. This 2 coat system makes the drum much more durable & scratch resistant than standard powder coats.

*Resonance:    The Parabolic resonance Chamber combined with our high quality 13 gauge steel creates a drum where the notes resonate for 6+ seconds without sacrificing portability.

*Harmonics:    The playing tabs are perfectly spaced for optimum playability and harmonics between the other notes

Versatile: Can be used for playing, meditation as well as Therapeutic Treatments.

Lightweight, for ease in transportation, without loss of sound- only 6.6 Lbs (3 Kilos)

Slim Design so it will fit into your knapsack or rucksack  -   5 1/2 inches total height by 12 inch diameter  (13.5 cm x 30.5cm)

Octagonal notes to maximise the "sweet spot"

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Your Choices:

Premium Package Includes: Vibedrum, Soft Fleece Liner Bag, Heavy Duty Travel Bag,  Premium Mallets, Drum Cushion and Free Shipping to all EU States, the UK and Switzerland.

Basic Cost Saver Package Includes: Vibedrum, Standard Mallets and Free Shipping to all EU States, the UK and Switzerland.

Color Options:

Painted: Stardust, Moonshine, Copper Sun Tropical or Elemental Earth     


Natural Stainless

This for those with a creative flair and/or those who want to save some money. This is an unpainted vibedrum that gives you the freedom to paint it yourself in any color you choose. The nice thing about the stainless is you can play the drum as soon as you receive it and paint it when you have the time or inspiration.

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Available in these Pentatonic Scales in 440 or 432 Hz:

Side 1: Solfeggio-F-528 Hz, F-Minor, F-Akebono, F-Major or E-Minor

Side 2:  D-Minor, C-Major in D, D-Pygmy or D-Major

Each scale can be tuned at 440 Hz or 432 Hz and you can have one Hz on one side and another Hz on the other

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General Information

This unique instrument with a melodious tone will inspire beginners as well as professionals. The Double Vibe Drum provides two playable heads with 9 tuned notes on each for a total of 18 notes. Each head (side) is tuned to a different scale. It can be played using the hands, like a Hang Drum, or with our specially-designed mallets. The unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to striking a "Singing Bowl" or Hang Drum, yet offers a more portable and user-friendly instrument.  

The Environment

We are also concerned about the Environment so we try to make our drums with as little impact as possible.  

We DO NOT SPRAY PAINT our drums because of the VOC’s (volitile organic compounds).  

We also DO NOT ETCH our drums because this requires the use of Hydrochloric or Nitric acid and produces Hazardous Waste.

In addition since the drums are made in the US all of our suppliers must conform to EPA Regulations.

All Materials to make the drum are domestically produced and sourced.

Our drums also meet the new California child safety regulations regarding lead content.

VibeDrum Uses

The variety of uses of this unique instrument never ceases to amaze us.

Music:  Because of it”s beautiful sound and the ease in which it can be played it is very popular as a personal musical instrument, to facilitate a meditative or trance state. It is being used in bands ranging from Folk to New Age to Ost bands and even in a German Heavy Metal band.

Other Uses: We know that it is being used in Alternative Medicine for energy work, Chakra clearing and energizing as well as meridian clearing and energizing. We have also seen it used in combination with Reike treatments. Because of it’s calming effect it is also being used by some psychologists to treat nervousness and anxiety disorders.


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Vibedrum, Handpan, Hang, Steel Tongue Drum, steelpan, percussion


The double Vibedrum is perfect for those who want variety and flexibility because you can have 2 completely different scales. A high scale on one side contrasted with a low scale on the other.  You can even have one scale at 440 Hz and the other in 432 Hz…we love versatility

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Check out our new colors: MOONSHINE a color changing Rainbow effect and TROPICAL Teal to Blue color changing with Blue metallic sparkle.

NEW - Ultimate Healing Drum

This Double Vibedrum has a modified Solfeggio 528 Hz scale called “Solfeggio-F” on one side which is tuned following the Solfeggio Principles (3,6,9) on one side and a D-minor at 432 Hz on the other.

Solfeggio-F: F3 / G3 / G#3 / C4 / D4 / F4 / G4 / G#4 / C5

D-Minor: D3 / F3 / G3 / A3 / C4 / D4 / F4 / G4 / A4