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Special Deals

How to Order a “Special Deals” Drum:

Since these drums are not available on our order form please send an E-Mail to:    and tell us which drum you would like

I have an D-Minor (D-Moll) Single Stardust Vibedrum in 432 Hz. The Drum is in Germany. It was bought by a customer to give as a present to her fiance however sad story but they broke up before she could give it to him. She wants to get rid of the memory. The drum is brand new, never been played and includes double ended mallets, fleece liner bag, travel bag and free shipping to all EU states.

Price: 275 Euro (or best offer)  Interested?? Please contact me at

I have an E-Minor Single Vibedrum in 440 Hz or 432 Hz that is a wounded soldier.  I think it wanted to be a Rune or perhaps an Ogham when we were cutting it.  The drum sounds great other than the little extra cut there is nothing wrong with it.  It is looking for a loving home for adoption.

Price: 275 Euro  Includes Premium Mallets, Liner bag, Travel Bag and shipping to all EU states and Switzerland

Price: 250 Euro - Includes Standard mallets and shipping to EU and Switzerland